Aaron Estrada

Feature VFX artist/supervisor turned technology consultant. VFX/Animation pipeline guru.

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20 years in computer graphics for TV and feature film. VFX artist & supervisor turned technologist. Teacher. I build computers (and automation systems) and create pretty pictures with them. I like to say I'm technically an artist. However, I'm a particularly technical artist. Big time Unix and FOSS fan (GNU/Linux, illumos, BSD, ZFS, Python, Bash, Git, nginx, etc.) If you need help making or modifying images or motion pictures, chances are I can help. System design for computer graphics is basically HPC / Grid Computing and I absolutely love that stuff. I'm currently very interested in VR and real-time graphics. I'm CEO of the startup MetaPipe. MetaPipe builds tools that make using cloud compute easy for VFX artists and animators. Our flagship product is turn-key C.G.I. studios in the cloud, which include GPU accelerated Linux workstations. Everything artists need to do large scale projects with pay-as-you-go building. Let's make something amazing.

Where to Find Me:

linux python ui/ux networking content creation 3d lighting 3d rendering vr photography video production digital compositing 3d modeling bash photography video editing 

Available for volunteer work