Chris Hughes

I specialize in making data useful and accessible so that information that is already available can help people make decisions and be more productive. I do mostly iPhone and Android App Development, Web Development and Database Management.

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I have experience as a Web Developer and Computer Systems Analyst. I have worked primarily with PHP, MySQL, Linux, JavaScript, AJAX, Java, Spring Framework and Python. I also have experience with computer hardware, networking, and computer troubleshooting on any operating system. I pursue many side projects to continue to learn new programming languages and technologies. I'm very proud of my app that shows real-time information about the Albuquerque bus system, and it is used by at least 300 people every weekday. My life as a programmer began in 2005 when I got my first book about PHP. I had been working on building my own computer as a hobby and I wanted to create a website that allowed the user to configure their own custom computer. The website also incorporated a MySQL Database. Maintaining that website continued as a hobby and I also taught myself some Javascript and C++. My in-depth exposure to programming began in 2008 at Washington University in St Louis where I began learning Java. I learned the importance of Algorithms and Object Oriented Programming and I was around other students who had programmed as a hobby. I have not earned my degree yet, but I feel I have gained a lot of knowledge and experience from college. I began to have an interest in iPhone Apps in 2009 and I started working on an App for the game Diplomacy, which I have been interested in for a long time. Later, when I got back to my home state of New Mexico, I decided to work on some free apps to get my name out as a developer. I made an app to show the schedule for the New Mexico Rail Runner, and in the summer of 2012 I participated in a hackathon where my team decided to work on a Bus tracking app based on the GPS data that the city of Albuquerque had recently made available. We created a web version at the hackathon and I have since made an android version.

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python  linux  mvc  swift  iphone  android  mysql  jquery  spring  java  php  javascript 

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