David Flores

Research engineer turned software engineer working on client/server products for Mac OS X, iOS, Windows and Linux.

Dave and misha

As a former experimenter and research engineer for Federal Aviation Administration Laboratory at University of New Mexico's Department of Psychology, I crafted software to perform computational narrative analysis, designing and conducting experiments in an ongoing effort at trend identification. I now help craft a number of client and server products for Mac OS X, iOS, Windows and Linux as a software engineer at VanDyke Software. Otherwise, I'm losing track of time in Mathematica, Processing, OpenCV, Max and Ableton LIve. I brake for cyclocross, trail running, hiking and cats.

Where to Find Me:

c++  objective-c  swift  research engineering  mathematica  max  ableton live  mac os x development  windows development  linux development  ios development  matlab 

Available for volunteer work