Chris Jungmann

iOS App Developer & Computer Engineer


CURRENTLY AVAILABLE 0.0 HOURS/WEEK - I'm an iOS developer with enterprise application development experience. I have experience developing and integrating on Apple, Microsoft Windows and Linux platforms from the server to mobile, including configuring the routers in-between. I've worked for the State of New Mexico, served on the New Mexico IT Commission and started several businesses in my 20 years here. Along with professional degrees in engineering, I carry certifications from Cisco and Microsoft. I volunteer with, as time permits (I'm one of the founders of BuiltInNM). For the last several years, I’ve been developing native iOS mobile apps with inCaffeine Studios. You can engage me, or anyone that's part of my extended virtual team any time. Now for the personal stuff everyone cares about (well, maybe not everyone): I'm a sustainability "student" having made my own bio-diesel (yes there's methanol in the recipe, don't try it!), converted diesel engines to run on used but clean vegetable oil, built my own solar PV to run my office, solar heat for home, licensed Amateur Radio (HAM) operator etc. I love the outdoors, hiking and backpacking with friends whenever someone has a new place to check out in New Mexico or Colorado. My inspiration is “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together”.

Where to Find Me:

voip objective c technical market analysis ios c electronics software development html xcode ubuntu linux telecommunications internet protocols routing taking things apart building stuff 

Available for volunteer work