Ross Jimenez

Rio Rancho
Director of Engineering - CenturyLink Innovation Labs - IT / Software Executive

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I love the possibilities technology creates. I believe the Internet is a transformational force that enables the small to seem big, opens vast markets to endless buyers and sellers and is the driving force for the democratization of information. It truly is an amazing time that has so many possibilities to improve every person’s life on the planet. I have a passion for building great teams and products by bringing the right mix of business knowledge and technology knowledge together with a healthy dose of creativity. My success has come from my ability to understand when a problem should be solved with Science or when craftsmanship and Art will create the strategic advantage that is needed. Having the right mix of Art and Science is what sets great companies apart and is what I try to strive for in every role. Technology is useless without people; I focus on being an empathetic, vision oriented leader who constantly works to remove obstacles and to create an environment to let talented people flourish. I have had the privilege to work in great organizations like Sandia National Laboratories, Compaq Computer, Hewlett-Packard and CenturyLink Labs and more importantly to work with and learn much from some truly great professionals in many fields. Although my experience I believe is my most important education I also have the benefit of receiving a formal education in Business and Management Information Systems from the University of New Mexico’s Anderson School of Management. My mission is simple, embrace my passions and help others realize the possibilities of technology.

Where to Find Me:

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