Brad Weikel

Freelance web developer and non-profit communications consultant.


I'm a freelance web developer and non-profit communications consultant who recently relocated to Albuquerque and is on the lookout for part-time contracts and collaborative projects. I'm particularly interested in the non-profit and public sectors, and any projects involving open data or progressive politics. I'm a jack-of-all-trades technologist, meaning I can fill a lot of different roles and adapt to whatever tools and platforms are appropriate. I care way more about building great projects with great people than about building a career around a particular toolset. I spent the past five years building a communications program, from the ground up, at an international human rights organization. Before shifting into web development, I worked on gaming, animation and user interaction projects as a software developer and test engineer. I have a BS in Computer Science from the University of Washington, and an MA in Communication, Culture & Technology from Georgetown University. My current technical strengths are in Drupal 7 site building and mobile first responsive design, but I consider myself an all-purpose web developer with an unrestricted toolbox.

Where to Find Me:

css  javascript  mysql  php  jquery  wordpress  drupal 

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