Graham Bass

I build software, interfaces, and businesses


I build software and interfaces that meet customers needs and exceed their expectations. I believe that all decisions should be driven by a focus on the user and best practices in design and coding. An application with maintainable code and an intuitive interface is always my goal and I vocally advocated for these principles the entire way through any project. I wear many hats having worked for startups and as a state and federal contractor, so I bring a broad and multifaceted perspective to my projects. I know success looks different to everyone, so I work to find success in the clients view, balanced with my own perspective of long term viability. c# core ruby rails tableau linux sql javascript css html5 user experience user interface product design product management project management user driven design

Where to Find Me:

ruby  javascript  linux  c#  html5  rails  sql  css3  product management  user experience  business analysis  tableau  business intelligence core  ecmascript  user interface  product design  project management  data visualisation  data driven design  user driven design 

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