David Diaz

Rio Rancho
Web Developer & Project Manager


I full-time manage front and back end development on 4 sites hosted on the Acquia Cloud platform for a corporate entity up in Denver, CO. The work includes consulting on project management, 3rd party vendors, compliance and security issues, workflow, and user behavior analysis in addition to day-to-day site maintenance. Before getting started as a freelancer, I worked roughly 6 years managing the web marketing, media and content production for my own business, both domestically and abroad. I speak English, Japanese (lived in Tokyo for 9 years) and Spanish (half Colombian), and I think New Mexico is the absolute coolest place on earth. Like seriously!!!---I feel blessed to be able to raise my family here! When not at work, the family and I are usually out hiking the desert or camping in the mountains (occasionally, too, playing tourist in Santa Fe). Also love photography. Originally from Seattle, WA. Currently on contract, but if there's something you think I can help you with don't hesitate to contact me--always happy to talk shop.

Where to Find Me:

javascript  drupal  css  html5  responsive design  git  wordpress  online marketing  jquery  content management  hipaa compliance  php  drush  site migration  dns management  ssl  508 compliance  wcag 2.0  user behavior analysis  acquia cloud platform  project management