Michael Skroch

Helping small to medium businesses understand and use technology including Internet on-line presence, websites, SEO, technology advice & support, audio/video enhancement, security and risk management.

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Michael Skroch (skraw) has 30+ years experience in multiple science and technology fields including systems engineering, electrical engineering, audio manipulation and enhancement, computer science, cyber security, physical security, security assessments and engineering, Internet and web technologies, branding and controlling web presence. He has worked with individuals, companies, and government agencies. In addition, Michael has connections to a broad set of providers that can be leveraged to understand the most effective and cost-effective approach to your needs. One of his best attributes is seeing the whole picture of what you’re trying to accomplish (sometimes suggesting a wider picture beyond your initial thoughts) so that you’re informed to make a decision. He also is skilled at coordinating a team to achieve your objectives when a team can better mean your needs. Michael believes that trust, integrity, honesty, and confidentiality in business efforts is paramount in partnering together for your success. His objective is your satisfaction.

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