Greg Klein

I film interviews with local artists and groups who want free promotion. Some artists tend to focus on their work and neglect self-promotion because they find it stressful or confusing. I help fill that gap by sharing their work via Youtube.

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After working for a year for Starbucks' outsourced customer service call center then a few months in data entry, I realized my life and creative potential was passing me by. Not content to work a dull 9 to 5 job for decades, I quit my job and started an LLC. I saw plenty of talent in Albuquerque, but many of them were obscure and their ability to support themselves with their art was a constant struggle as a result. My goal is to help artists and startups show the world what makes them unique, whether it's painting, an innovative new app, music, or an incubator. If you think your work deserves a bigger audience, let me know and I'll film your work for free (and give credit where it's due)! Let's help Albuquerque reach it's potential.

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