Mike Muscato

I manage a full-stack web dev. team at T-Mobile Inc. where we specialize in Knowledge Management and custom tools for front line customer service and sales.

Mm profile

I'm a laid-back, independent, hard working, adventurer who knows how to have fun in everything I do. Whether I'm alone on the side of a mountain, enjoying a relaxing night at home, playing with my son, or enjoying a night out with friends; I live in 'the moment' and try take it all in for what its worth. I appreciate all the opportunities I've had in life and never take anything for granted. And, while it seems like I'm always working on something and rarely slow down, I work in order to LIVE - not the other way around. I manage a team of web developers and system administrators. We are responsible for creating and maintaining custom web based tools, APIs, middleware, and integrations while setting standards for quality, consistency, and future-proofing in our development process. We maintain the "full stack" including several server clusters, databases, user-facing software, and SAAS vendors.

Where to Find Me:

html  javascript  css  oop  classic asp  ui design  restful apis  project managment  sql server  vbscript  business strategy  jquery  business analyst  agile methodologies  system administration  content management  iis  people management  php  telecommunications  jqueryui  software as a service  top down design