Mid to Senior Level iOS and/or Android Developer ( #ID 1707_A )


Posted on July 07, 2017
Mid to Senior Level iOS and/or Android Developer ( #ID 1707_A ) - MobileSandbox is currently interviewing for a Mid Level iOS and/or Android Developer. We currently are part of a re-design of an existing subscription based Android and iOS app(s) throughout the summer of 2017. The position will fill a need for 2 to 3 months, 20 to 40 hours a week, as a 1099 contractor. 100% remote and a work from home position. The candidate will need to be at a skill level that can start to contribute to both or each of these efforts from day one. Must have: - 2 to 3 years experience with either iOS/Android platforms (3+ years can apply for our Sr. Level iOS and/or Android ). - Command knowledge of Mobile SDK data structures, algorithms, and persistence concepts (This is a core value offering to our clients). - Experience with latest Xcode 8+ or Android Studio 2+ - Experience with UI design using newer Storyboard and Android Fragments. - Experience with Core Data or SQLite Android. - Experience with Stateless HTTP Restful Networked Architecture (Either or Both iOS-Android). - Published apps on either Apple App Store or Google Play Store. - Able to work as a 1099, provide equipment ( hopefully a OS X device) to work on, provide internet, and work from home as a virtual employee. - Live within two times zones from Mountain Standard Time - USA. - Swift (Objective-C) AND/OR Android Java experience. - Git work flow and Continual Integration (CI) experience. Nice to have: - Actually worked on a project where Atlassian Products are or were used (Sprints, Iterations, Kanban Board, lite Agile) - Proven dedication to the completion of paid mobile software projects. full lifecycle. - Cross platform, iOS and Android, experience. - Xcode and Android Studio UI AutoLayout experience (Programmatic and Interface Builder). - Core Data or Android DB migration, relational, and predicate DB search experience. - Graphic Design production ability. - UI/UX design of Mobile apps that are on the app store. - Recent remote and on iOS/Android experience, within 6 months, is a “very nice to have”. - Admin of OS X MacBooks. - Has a suite of Dev tools that you would like to share with the team. - Makes others laugh and shares knowledge freely without being asked to. - Is a volunteer for your local tech community. Attends tech meet ups, contributes, and shares knowledge via public speaking. Hours: - Working hours range between 7am to 7pm MST - USA. Must be within 2 time zones of MST. - We have 20 to 40 hours a week ( iOS 20 hour / Android 20 hours a week, or 40 hours for 1 developer that can do both). Please keep in mind that 1 of our clients is asking us to expand the mobile team for 2 to 3 months. This will be a great opportunity for someone to move from hobby developer to full blown deliverable experience. And MobileSandbox has plans to bring on more clients. Interviews: Skype video and voice. Screen-share examples and be prepared to talk about common algorithm, persistence, and data structures during this interview. We will discuss the Interview lifecycle during the first interview. Please submit your resume, list of example apps on app store, list of GitHub or Bitbucket projects, and 1099 hourly rate range to support@mobilesandbox.com ( subject line: “Mid to Senior Level iOS and/or Android Developer ( #ID 1707_A )” ) Posted July 6, 2017