Kris Hardy

President and Principal Software/Firmware Architect at Albuquerque Software


I am the President and Principal Software/Firmware Architect of Albuquerque Software ( I am a 20-year software development veteran, project manager, and hardware developer, with experience in Linux, real-time systems, and microcontrollers of various flavors (x86, ARM, Atmel, ST Micro, etc.). I have a large amount of experience in data integration and automation solutions, data analysis, program and database debugging and reverse-engineering, and I program in many different languages (Python, PHP, C, C++, Java, Javascript). Some of my previous work includes designing firmware for scientific instruments, writing embedded user interfaces in Python with a custom-built event-driven UI, writing desktop applications to automate a calibration laboratory, web development, data integration with police departments and the FBI, and building little electronic gadgets and toys. I am very experienced and regularly use Agile methodologies for my development (Scrum, XP, TDD, CI, Kanban, etc.) In my personal time, I make hardware and embedded systems gadgets and work on ham radio and web projects. I am also the organizer for the ABQpy Python Meetup ( When I'm not in my lab, I'm probably back-country skiing, backpacking or cycling.

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